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OBRA Art opened its inaugural exhibition in Barcelona in May 2023 with a presentation of works by Miriam Dema and Chidy Wayne. 

Miriam Dema currently lives and works in Barcelona. Her work is a tribute to the beauty of imperfection and the generosity of life in moments of splendour, referring to two concepts around which her work revolves. She seeks to represent the presence of humans in everyday elements and nature, depicting scenarios that evoke warmth and relaxation and include elements of Mediterranean culture. Miriam Dema uses wax crayons and oil pastels, because of their imprecision and roughness. She enjoys the randomness they bring to drawing, as well as their nostalgic and childish connotation. Miriam Dema usually works with oil paint on wooden boards, on which she paints her works intuitively and from memory, applying partially uncovered layers and vibrant colours.

Chidy Wayne is a Spanish Guinean multidisciplinary artist based in Barcelona. Works in various media including painting, sculpture, illustration and music. 
Seeking to create work that is aesthetic and conceptual, the superfluous is put aside so as to enter more deeply into the drawing, creating a minimalist and gestural work of art.
Chidy Wayne creates a personal code of signs and motifs of great symbolic significance and his drawings, the result of long philosophical reflection, are created using quick, bold strokes presenting such universal and timeless themes as existence, identity and internal conflict. His pieces are influenced by the artistic avant-garde as well as by ancestral and cultural elements, giving his drawings a certain primitive character, although urban art and contemporary forms are also present in his style.

The exhibition was held in a typical Catalan apartment with a performance by the flamenco guitarist Rafael Ulecia.

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